Weighted Blanket Manufacturer

Weighted Blanket Manufacturer

Aside from our retail brand, we also produce for other brands.As a professional manufacturer, we support other brands in product development, design, and manufacturing. Within over 9 years experience in the home textile industry, we have the capability and ability to develop new products. Our 3 key pillars of success are high quality, competitive pricing, and short lead time. Currently, we supply to over 20 brands in the USA and Europe.

Why Choose Us

We focus on home textiles, primarily in the manufacturer of weighted blankets, bed sheets, and typical home blankets. With over 10 production lines, we have enough capacity to fulfill most customer requirements.

We specialize in both Cotton and Bamboo Viscose materials.  Our pricing is the most competitive for these raw materials, as we currently purchase in large quantities.

Production Equipments

Machine Name Brand  Quantity
Auto Cutting Machine 190 4
Clothe Cutting  Machine CAD-B11 4
Quilting Machine SAN AN 21
Overlock Sewing Machine JACK 8
Sewing Machine JACK 21
Packing Machine N/A 1

Our Customers

Due to NDA, we are not able to reveal our customer names.  However, 80% of our customers are successful in selling on the following retailers:

Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Contact Us

If you would like to receive our catalog or request a quotation, please email us.